Hi I am using FCM for push notification in my app.


implementation 'com.google.firebase:firebase-core:16.0.3'
implementation 'com.google.firebase:firebase-messaging:17.3.2'

When i am sending notification from FCM panel , it is not opening app on some devices (Oneplus 6t, 5t) in some cases.

It works when I am sending notification using postman (data payload)

  • have you added pending intent which will handle click of notification? – primo Mar 19 at 12:54
  • How can i add pending intent for notification sent from FCM panel panel(notification payload) ? – Ashish Mar 19 at 13:01
  • I have posted the answer you can see to it if it helps – primo Mar 19 at 13:21

you need to set pending intent to your notification i can see that your asking how to add pending intent to notification sent from fcm panel, you should handle notification in OnMessageRecived in FirebaseMessagingService as in the following link


  • FYI OnMessageRecived is not called when sending notification from firebase panel(notification payload) and app is in background – Ashish Mar 20 at 5:16

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