I am currently working with Ruby On Rails gem social_share_buttons and whenever I share a post with shareable links, the post comes as USER shared a quote, not USER shared a post. It is requirement to not to share the post as a quote. If you type text before sharing, the quote becomes a post. I will be very happy if there is a bypass for this if this is a limitation from Facebook


In their source code, you can see they are passing the data to the facebook/sharer.php url with the "quote" param renders the post as a quote. But after some testing and researching, it seems that any description or quote param is treated as a quote by the user. This plugin doesn't support non-quote text in a post by default.

Facebook (among others) has an extremely tight API now. It's hard to get a hobby application approved. However, if this feature is important, you'd need to use the Dialog API and get your app approved to get your app_id before you can begin implementing this solution.

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