Can anyone please help on creating a soap service in mule4? I have referred the documentation but no luck.

Thanks, Vempati


In Mule 4 use APIKit for SOAP.

For a new project: Create a new Mule project and in API Implementation, check Specify API Definition File Location or URL, and browse to the WSDL. Follow the instructions and it will generate skeleton flows for all your SOAP services and operations.

For an existing project: add the wsdl to src/main/resources somewhere. Right click, choose mule->Generate Flows from WSDL and follow the prompts.

More detailed information you will need depends on your use-case and wsdl which can be found in the documentation here: https://docs.mulesoft.com/apikit/4.x/apikit-4-for-soap

  • Thanks for the input, I have tried the same process of generating flows. just to add to your steps: We should refresh the project to get the wsdl in src/main/resource/api folder. Now I am facing the below Issue in generating the flows from wsdl. Can you please assist? Log:Problem parsing config file: C:/mule/mvrsoap.xml An error occurred while deserializing the ArtifactDeclaration .ArtifactResolutionException: Could not transfer artifact org.mule.connectors:mule-http-connector:jar:mule-plugin:1.3.2 from/to maven.oracle.com (maven.oracle.com): Authorization Required (401) – V Subrahmanyam Mar 20 at 9:15
  • You need to add mulesoft Maven repositories to your pom. – Alejandro Dobniewski 2 days ago

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