I am trying to split the date in my csv file as the date is not in the same format as mysql.

Mydate is in M/D/YYYY. And mysql format would be YYYY-MM-DD.

So, I try to convert the csv file format before uploading to mysql.

But, when I'm trying to split it it says that my date does not match the format. I already match the format in my csv but still the same error.

import datetime

    with open('filename.csv', 'r') as csvfile, open('temp.csv', 'w') as temp_file:

    for line in csvfile.readlines():        
    #Fetch all dates in the csv
    dates = line.split(',')

    #Extract date       
    m = dates[1].split('/')

    #Convert the second date and replace         
    dates[1] = datetime.datetime.strptime(dates[1], '%m/%d/%Y').strftime('%Y-%m-%d')

   #Write data to temp fole          
print ("Process Complete")

here is my csv file filename.csv

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