I'm using Wolfram|Alpha.Net - A full implementation of the 2.0 API to communicate with my ASP MVC APP. Fortunately I'm able to submit requests and get the result, but as far as I know Wolfram Alpha API has ShowStepsApi which can be used to extract steps of algebra problems. For reference this is my code:

public ActionResult Index2()
    // Test the newer library here
    WolframAlphaNET.WolframAlpha wolfram = new WolframAlphaNET.WolframAlpha("JV35XH-QT3VLP5KEG");
    QueryResult results = wolfram.Query("solve 3x-7=11");
    List<Pod> pods = results.Pods;
    List<string> strList = new List<string>();
    Pod primaryPod = results.GetPrimaryPod();

    if (primaryPod != null)
        if (primaryPod.SubPods.HasElements())
            foreach (SubPod subPod in primaryPod.SubPods)

    return View();

When I debug to view SubPods value I can not find anywhere steps in plaintext or image format!

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