Currently we i have a mail server for example "mail.mydomain.com".

This is a dedicated email server and we are looking to replace it.

We are considering outsourcing the email management through multiple possible services (gandi email for domains registered there, opensrs for others).

The idea being we dont have to manage the server and we leave that to suppliers who know better.

Problem is we have 100's of clients on this email server and we want to make the transition as simple as possible.

Problem 2 is we ideally want to maintain our "mail.mydomain.com" branding as we sell this customers and there first point of contact would still be us.

Email isnt something we i am fully educated on, i know that "mail.mydomain.com" handles everything (smtp, imap, webmail, etc).

At first i thought cnaming mail.mydomain.com to the downstream provider would suffice, however initial investigation suggests this is against the spec, and would cause certificate issues.

What i would like to do (dont know if its possible) is create a "proxy" that "mail.mydomain.com" points to, and this proxy should decide by domain where to send the email (both sending, and receiving).

The point here is:

  1. "mail.mydomain.com" would be retained
  2. the proxy can decide via the domain where to proxy the information to (ie gandi or opensrs)

Ive come across nginx mail module which appear to do what i want it to, but could use some guidance to ensure this is the correct route before delving deeper into whats involved.

Ive seen the term "mail relay" is this just an email specific term for what i know as a "proxy"?

Im also considering the impact of ssl communication for the proxy, we can secure the proxy itself no problem, but would this have an effect on the secure nature of the downstream services.

To be clear, im after clarification im on the right path, im aware there is probably much more involved which i can narrow down my questions with the knowledge im going in the right direction.

  • Heres an example to illustrate what i'm trying to describe: domain1.com > (in and out) mydomain.com > mail.gandi.net domain2.com > (in and out) mydomain.com > mail.opensrs.com – Lee Mason Mar 19 at 16:38
  • Suggest any supplemental info you have - such as within the comment - is edited into the original question so folks have all info to hand. – nycrefugee Mar 19 at 16:54
  • Hi, this is not a programming question, so is off-topic here. You should consider our sister site serverfault.com. – Max Mar 19 at 17:27
  • And why can't you just 'A' it to the new provider, rather than cnaming it? – Max Mar 19 at 17:28
  • because i need to send to different providers by domain sending/recieving. – Lee Mason Mar 20 at 18:04

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