I am using Wix's react-native-navigation V2 in my app for android. When I am pushing one screen and after a pop or pressing back button the previous or first component not rendering and not executing any lifecycle method. Even we cannot use pass props in pop. I want to refresh that previous page how can I do that. I am just poping the screen as below

goBack = () => {


I found this issue on GitHub https://github.com/wix/react-native-navigation/issues/2594 and he saying This problem could be solved by either sync the data using Redux/MobX or listen to visibility events but I didn't found visibility events in V2. And don't know how to do with redux.

    You can follow the below steps to do so:

    1). Subscribe for react-navigation's 'didFocus' event in the component's constructor(or componentDidMount or componentWillMount).
    // Subscribe for Event
    constructor(props) {
            this.didFocusSubscription = this.props.navigation.addListener(
                payload => {
                    // Refresh your screen here

2). Do not forget to unsubscribe the event when the component will unmount.
    // UnSubscribe for Event
    componentWillUnmount = () => {
  • thanks for the answer but I am using Wix's react-native-navigation – Ahtesham Shah Mar 28 at 7:31

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