Airflow version: 1.10.2
Ubuntu: 18.04 (bionic)
Python: 3.6.5

Issue: I am not sure how but the connections are not visible when I click Admin in the menu. Has someone ever faced this thing?

enter image description here

When I edit the URL and go to localhost:8080/admin/connections I see the below response. This was working fine since

enter image description here

But when I list the connections from airflow cli, it works. I am not sure why it is not visible on UI but rather accessible from cli? Or how should I give the UI user access to 'Connections'?

  • could be permissions issue: the user with which you are logged into Airflow UI might not have admin privileges needed for managing Connections Mar 20, 2019 at 6:53

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This is due to a change in 10.0.2. Prior to 10.0.2, there was a hardcoded superuser flag for users.

To give an existing user superuser permissions, so that they can manage connections, variables, etc, you need to toggle the superuser flag in the users table in Airflow's metadata database.

They document how to make a user a superuser using code in the UPDATING.md file, see https://github.com/apache/airflow/blob/master/UPDATING.md#user-model-changes


Worked! I put RBAC=True in airflow.cfg and then did airflow initdb.

I am not sure why or how this issue occured but the above solution will make the Connection Ui visible again.

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