How to do aggregation in Elastic search with a field which has both keyword and text types.


You can run the aggregation on the keyword field. Ie field.keyword

  • Thanks, Dadoonet for the advice. I tried the same but it won't work for me. I'm adding the aggregation that I tried. { "aggs": { "chosen": { "terms": { "field": "choice.response_text" } } } } here where can I add the .keyword Can you please help me for the same – Sreejith Ms Mar 20 at 11:39
  • choice.response_text.keyword – dadoonet Mar 20 at 11:40
  • Sorry Dadoonet, It doesn't work for me. Instead of that I have changed its filed type and migrated the data. Thanks for your time – Sreejith Ms Apr 1 at 13:00
  • It should work as I wrote OOTB unless you changed the default mapping which you didn't tell. – dadoonet Apr 1 at 15:05

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