We doing videorecording with strobelight and the framerate is 30 fps. If we set the strobe below 30hz we got a black frame in the video. if we set the strobe over 30hz we got a white frame.

I found how to remove the blackframe and duping the the frame before using:

ffmpeg -i test.avi -vf blackframe=1,metadata=select:key=lavfi.blackframe.pblack:value=0:function=less -vsync cfr -c:a copy out.avi

But i cant find anything to remove the white frame. Is there any filter i can use?

Greetings Frank


Untested, but you can negate the frame, then run your blackframe filtering, then negate it back.

-vf negate,blackframe=..,metadata=..,negate

  • Hey Gyan,that worked perfectly. Only thing i had to do was changing the blackvalue. Thanks :) – Frank Mar 22 at 6:11

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