We use kafka for our message queue,Our business required that message timestamp must with the same order with the offset, that means: if there are message m1 and message m2, and (m1.timestamp

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    Apache Flink works well for event time ordering, just in case... if you are open for exploring different tech stack. – Bitswazsky Mar 21 '19 at 7:05

It depends on the timestamp type used, there are two types:

  • CreateTime - timestamp is assigned when producer record is created, so before sending. There can be retries, so there is no guarantee that ordering is preserved.
  • LogAppendTime - timestamp is assigned when record is appended to the log on the broker. In that case ordering per partition is preserved. Multiple messages might get the same timestamp assigned.

By default, CreateTime is used. To change this, set log.message.timestamp.type for broker or message.timestamp.type for particular topic.

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