I have an application built on flash and that runs only on Internet Explorer. Sample screen of the application looks as shared. Also, I have shared object details.

I want to know, Can I choose Python language + Any tool to automate. I have browsed for tools like Selenium, PyCharm, Sikuli etc. But not able to figure out the exact tools along with Python and other settings.


You can try Ranorex. We used it to automate Flex application with C# as auto script.

But it's not free software.


Selenium can not be used for Flash testing. You will need to use visual, screenshot based automation. There are two good tools for this (that I know):

In both cases you can use Python for the logic part, and Sikuli or Kantu for the image and text recognition.

  • I tried with Sikuli but was unable to install (the Package 1 and 2 did not download so failed). From this path: raiman.github.io/SikuliX1/downloads.html I downloaded sikulixapi.jar, The Jython interpreter 2.7.1, sikulix.jar (SikuliX IDE) and SikuliX 1.1.3 setup. But the installer failed to install. Even I tried to install following steps as in the offline way. I was following this link youtube.com/watch?v=9rIgcln5kPY . Can you please let me know where could be the issue. – Sitanshu Mohapatra Mar 22 at 11:21
  • I used Sikuli in the past, but meanwhile I am using Kantu (the 2nd option I mentioned). I find it much easier to install and use. You first install the Chrome or Firefox extension, and then the Kantu XModule. That is all. – Jim Grigoryan Mar 22 at 11:45
  • I am working on a flash application in IE browser. Does Kantu support IE? I'm finding it difficult to get Kantu for IE. – Sitanshu Mohapatra Mar 25 at 5:58
  • Kantu does not support IE directly (= no Kantu IE addon). But you can use Kantu in desktop automation mode with IE. In this case you use Kantu for Chrome (or Firefox), but the macro you create works on the Windows desktop. Then, on the desktop, you open IE with the Flash app, and Kantu can see and automate it. – Jim Grigoryan Mar 25 at 8:22

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