I have an existing android application which has video, pictures and some gps functionality for android. I will make a similar native application for ios.

I now would like to add some simple 2d games to the app. From what I can see HTML5 and Flash seem the best methods of adding cross platform games to native mobile apps. I was planning on making a webapp and just doing the webview in android and wkwebview for ios. This seems the simplest solution and will keep my app size nice and small.

I saw a similar question posted 7 years ago and I am curious if it still stands. From my gathering HTML5 seems the most future proof, is this true? Are the any other cross platform methods I can use before I commit? simplicity and keeping low overheads is a priority for me.

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    Well, clearly Flash would be a poor choice, as it is not supported on iOS. HTML5, CSS, standard JavaScript should continue to be supported by Apple for many years. – Mike Hay Mar 20 at 12:27

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