Need Ansible help on error. Same ansible module/task getting error in 1 environment and completely fine in another. Dunno what the causes are. Here's the error:

fatal: [hostname.com]: FAILED! => {"msg": "The conditional check ''failed' in prereq.stdout_lines' failed. The error was: error while evaluating conditional ('failed' in prereq.stdout_lines): Unable to look up a name or access an attribute in template string ({% if 'failed' in prereq.stdout_lines %} True {% else %} False {% endif %}).\nMake sure your variable name does not contain invalid characters like '-': argument of type 'StrictUndefined' is not iterable"}

here's task snippet:

- name: Check for patch conflicts
  shell: ./patch_command {{ patch_directory }}/{{ patchid }}
  environment: "{{ env }}"
    chdir: "{{ patch_directory }}"
  when: patchid != 'nopatch'
  register: prereq
  failed_when: "'failed' in prereq.stdout_lines"

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