I'm beginning with Unity3D and I'm having a problem with the lightning.

I made a simple infinite scroller with a road going straight, and I want to add a pointlight in the middle of my screen, in order to have the road at this place enlightened, whereas the remaining is darker.

However, the light seems to follow the middle of my sprite when this one is moving, instead of remaining static.

Here is a gif of what I have:

enter image description here

My SpriteRenderer has the Sprite/Diffuse material and I added some postprocessing on the camera in order to have a bloom effect on the road. Do you know what could be the problem here?

Thank you.

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Pretty sure you have the Light GameObject as a child of the Sprite, so it follows the parent transform

  • Hey, thank you for your anwer, I checked and both camera and light remain static during the execution Commented Mar 20, 2019 at 14:29
  • If you give us more info, like the screenshot of the Hierarchy we could help you more.
    – Berme
    Commented Mar 20, 2019 at 14:34
  • 1
    I checked my camera settings, and the Rendering Path was on "Legacy Vertex Lit". Switching it to "Graphics Settings" fixed my issue. Commented Mar 20, 2019 at 14:36

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