I installed hadoop client in a debian machine outside my cluster. I want to make operations against a remote HDFS. I dowloaded Hadoop 3.1.1 binaries from oficial site and extracted them in a directory. Then I downloaded my client configuration files and put them on configuration directory to connect to my remote HDFS.

When I try to run some operations (like hdfs dfs -ls) I get the error

"No filesystem for schema: hdfs"


I found that I have to configure these two properties on my core-site.xml:

  <description>The FileSystem for file: uris.</description>
  <description>The FileSystem for hdfs: uris.</description>

Now I'm getting the error that the

class DistribuedFileSystem is not found


My jars are located on the subdirectories /share/hadoop/common and /share/hadoop/hdfs of the extracted folder. (hdfs, hdfs-client, etc...)

What are the correct values that I should put on this properties or how can I fix this error?


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