On my production site, all of my webforms are making two postbacks on every submit. This is happening in the CD instance ONLY of my CD/CM site. The postback submits data to a database, so all of the data is showing up twice. I can't reproduce this issue on any lower environments, and I have no idea what's causing it. The forms are NOT using Ajax, and "Is Client Action" is not checked on the save actions. When I click submit, I can see in the Network tab that a postback request is made and immediately cancelled, followed by another postback that succeeds, but both postbacks seem to be successfully completing even though the first call says its cancelled. I do not see the initial cancelled call on lower environments. I've checked for Javascript functions that might have been controlling the submit action that could be bound twice, but there submit isn't done through javascript, it's just a regular submit input with the action defined in the form tag.

Our site is a scaled Azure instance. We thought that it might be happening due to the scaling, but we tried to reproduce in our regression environment, which is also a scaled Azure instance, and could not reproduce the problem.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this to happen?

Additional note: I added console logging to the form submit to see if the form was actually submitting twice, and the logging shows that it is NOT. The submit action is only firing once.

$("form").unbind().on("submit", function () {

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