In my app I need the ability to take and upload or save a short 5 to 15 second video. I also need to be able to save the video if the user is offline, and upload it when connected to internet.

I can create the video file with the plugin image_picker, I tried to save it to the users gallery using plugin image_picker_saver but that seems to only handle images.

So I will probably have to use something like path_provider to save it to local storage (again examples of writing files are images as byte data)

When connected is there a way to upload a video to a Youtube account ? I have read up on some Youtube plugins, but they are geared towards playing videos.

I was thinking of using WebViews to pop up the m.youtube.com/upload page but once you start an upload it goes to the desktop www.youtube.com

Other option to consider is using Firestore as the upload destination when they have a connection, but I would still have to manage offline local storage.

Thank you any help

Edit RE: comments below

Here is what I get when trying to capture a Landscape video on iPhone X with camera plugin:

enter image description here

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    I don't think you should use image picker since it can't limit the video to 5 to 15 seconds, instead you should use the camera plugin – Kenneth Li Mar 21 at 5:57
  • Thanks I hadn't seen that plugin. It has the ability to save the video, set resolution, which should point me in the right direction. – Dave Lister Mar 21 at 6:08
  • It seems to only shoot video in Portrait with device in Portrait, or that just a restriction in the extended example ? If I capture in landscape the video is captured rotated in the portrait frame. – Dave Lister Mar 21 at 23:28
  • no, I can capture landscape video, before capturing, simply turn your mobile phone to landscape. – Kenneth Li Mar 22 at 2:44
  • Were you able to get it to upload asynchronously once back online? – stevenspiel Apr 3 at 19:37

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