I want to implement parts of a function marked with BlueprintNativeEvent in a derived class in C++, while others implement parts of that function in a derived Blueprint class.

However, the function seems to be not a virtual function, so I don't know how to override it in C++ (in Blueprint it works though). Example from GameplayAbilitySystem:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintNativeEvent, Category="Calculation")
float CalculateBaseMagnitude(const FGameplayEffectSpec& Spec) const;

How to override this in a derived class in C++?


Before compilation, UnrealHeaderTool generates the virtual function for a BlueprintNativeEvent in the base class. The example from above would look like:

virtual float CalculateBaseMagnitude_Implementation(const FGameplayEffectSpec& Spec) const;

So in the derived C++ class, override (and implement) that function as usual in C++:

class PROJECT_API UGMMCCustom : public UGameplayModMagnitudeCalculation
    float CalculateBaseMagnitude_Implementation(const FGameplayEffectSpec& Spec) const override
        return {}; // Add your custom implementation in the cpp file.

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