I'm looking for a succinct way to rewrite a piece of Java code so that it uses streams to convert an array to a list in a null-safe fashion. Here's the original code:

public MailObject toMailObject(final String[] ccAddresses) {
    final MailObject mailObject = new MailObject();

    // line of code to be altered
    mailObject.setCcAddresses(ccAddresses == null 
        ? Collections.emptyList() : Arrays.asList(ccAddresses));

    // other necessary code

    return mailObject;

I've thought of doing something like this:

// psuedocode that obviously doesn't compile

where SOMETHING would be along the lines of:


but I can't seem to get the syntax quite right.

This question was helpful but didn't exactly address my issue. Could anyone point me in the right direction? I feel like I'm close...

Thank you very much for your time.

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    Your original code seems succinct enough – GBlodgett Mar 21 at 1:35
  • Fair enough, but I'm curious as to the best way it can be done using streams. – risingTide Mar 21 at 1:36
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    .map(Arrays::asList) – shmosel Mar 21 at 2:05

In my opinion, the code that you have so far is perfectly readable. I think using a Stream for something like this will just complicate things. If you still want to use a Stream, then something like the following would work:


As you can see, this is a more unreadable, and I wouldn't recommend it over your simple ternary expression.

Your Optional solution is slightly more readable and would look like the following:

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    Stream.ofNullable requires Java 9 and Collectors.toUnmodifiableList() even requires Java 10. And when you’re using Java 9 or newer, you can likewise change the original code to mailObject.setCcAddresses(ccAddresses == null? List.of(): List.of(ccAddresses));, whose simplicity will highlight the silliness of using Optional or Stream here even more. – Holger Mar 21 at 9:16
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    Good insight onto the Java versions that the first solution uses...and also into the List.of() possibility! Between this and the full answer by @Jacob G. there are a lot of options here; thanks! – risingTide Mar 21 at 18:18

You might use the map :

List<String> ccAddrs = Optional.ofNullable(ccAddress)
  • I had wondered if the .map() method might be of use; thanks for the full usage in context. – risingTide Mar 21 at 18:23
  • @risingTide you're welcome. :D – Mạnh Quyết Nguyễn Mar 22 at 1:48

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