I have two model User and Post, defined the associated model as below:


It means Post model belongs to User as well as User has many Post. So the posts table in database must have the key userId for this association.

I create the Post assigned to user using this code:

    UserId: 1,

It would insert the right data to database.

But It's not work as I change the code:

    userId: 1,

Why the model use the uppercase UserId instead of userId ?


When you don't define the column on your model, the association fields are going to be generated taking the name of the model and adding the Id at the end. You can define the name of your models lower case, or define the foreign fields like this:

module.exports = (sequelize, DataTypes) => {
  const Post = sequelize.define('Post', {
    userId: { //this is how you are going to use it on sequelize
      field: 'user_id', // this is how is goig to save it on the db, underscore for example
      type: DataTypes.DATE

  Post.associate = (models) => {
    Post.belongsTo(models.User, { as: 'User', foreignKey: 'user_id' });

  return Post;

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