if I unset an array, would its elements be garbage collected or freed up assuming they are not referenced in anywhere else? what if I simply do $array =new array();

$array = array('a'=>1);
//method 1 to clear array

method 2 to clear an array

$array = array('a'=>1);
//method 2 to clear array
$array y = array();

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Following simple code answers the question:

        $a = array();
        $a[0] = 'a1';
        $a[1] = 'b2';

        foreach($a as $v)
            echo $v . '<br />';
        //writes content of array

        echo count($a) . '<br />';
        //writes 2

        $a = array(); //CLEAR ARRAY

        foreach($a as $v)
            echo $v . '<br />';
        //writes nothing

        echo count($a) . '<br />';
        //writes 0

Check-out php < 5.3 garbage collection, do array values need to be set null or does setting the array = null orphan all its elements?, maybe that will help answer your question.

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The following will modify the array itself and leave it empty:

array_splice($myArray, 0);

And the Splice Documentation

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