I can't figure out how to output the categories from a collection.items. I can loop through the collection.categories {.repeated section categories}{name}{.end} but when I try to do the same thing a level deeper on the collection.items.categories to output the categories for each individual item using the same syntax. Nothing is outputted.

{.repeated section items}
  {.repeated section categories}{name}{.alternates with} / {.end}

But using the json formatter categories|json-pretty instead of {name} does what I need and spits out the categories for each item. I seem to be missing the key.

code example:


<squarespace:category collection="team">
  {.if categories}
   <div class="button-group filter-button-group">
     <button data-filter="*">All</button>
     {.repeated section categories}<button data-filter=".{name}">{name}</button>{.end}


<section class="grid">
  <squarespace:query collection="team" limit="100">
    {.repeated section items}
     <div class="grid-item">
      <img {customContent.teamImage|image-meta}/>
      {.repeated section categories}{name}{.alternates with} / {.end}

Can anyone help? Thanks.


When inside of {.repeated section categories} you should use {@} to refer to the key you've scoped into. For example:

{.repeated section categories}{@}{.alternates with} / {.end}

Reference: https://developers.squarespace.com/templating-basics#ReferencingtheScope

Using scope reference, written as {@}, allows you to reference the key you're scoped into. This is like (this) in JavaScript.

  • Funny. I tried that. But I must have made a syntax mistake for something since it didn't work. Thank you Brandon. – user7539157 Mar 22 at 8:27

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