I want to live stream video from h.264/h.265 IP camera to browser with little to no delay and in decent quality (Full HD). I know there are couple of questions like this one but the answers seem to be either incomplete or outdated. So far I've tried ffmpeg and ffserver and had some success with them, but there are problems:

When I stream to mjpg the quality isn't great, if I use webm quality is better but there is significant delay (aprox. 5 seconds), probably due to transcoding from h264 to vp9. How can I improve it? Is it possible to stream h264 without transcoding it to different format? Are there any better solutions than ffserver and ffmpeg?

Here is the config I've used for mjpg:

ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://rtsp_user:Rtsp_pass@ -q:v 3 http://localhost:8090/feed3.ffm

on ffserver:

<feed feed3.ffm>
   file /tmp/feed3.ffm
   filemaxsize 1G
   acl allow

<Stream cam3.mjpg>
    Feed feed3.ffm
    Format mpjpeg
    VideoCodec mjpeg
    VideoFrameRate 25
    VideoBufferSize 8192
    VideoBitRate 8192
    VideoSize 1920x1080
    VideoQMin 5
    VideoQMax 15
    Strict -1

And for webm:

ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://rtsp_user:Rtsp_pass@ -c:v libvpx


<Stream cam4.webm>
   Feed feed4.ffm 
   Format webm
   # Audio settings
   # Video settings
   VideoCodec libvpx
   VideoSize 720x576           
   VideoFrameRate 25           
   AVOptionVideo qmin 10
   AVOptionVideo qmax 42 
   AVOptionAudio flags +global_header
   PreRoll -1
   VideoBitRate 400            

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