One day it was working, the next its not. When I try to log into sql I get this error

Error on SQL I've tried solutions both on this site as well as youtube tutorials and neither are working.

Here's the error I get when trying to get SQL to run through the config.

Error in config settings

And here's the error when trying to get SQL to run through services.msc

enter image description here

  • Did you review the logs? Any error? – Daniel Sobrado Mar 22 at 6:20
  • The error logs just say the same thing as the error windows that pop up when trying to run – user5544654 Mar 22 at 6:33
  • please have a look in this issue.you might find your answer windows could not start SQLServer – J_Shrestha Mar 22 at 6:34
  • @J_Shrestha I've tried everything that link suggests and it still doesn't work – user5544654 Mar 22 at 6:47
  • Please update your question with SQL Server error log. Paste the whole log, it's short. It may be that the port is already occupied or any other reason, but SQL Server wrote it in it's log – sepupic Mar 22 at 8:17

The last screenshot shows the error code: 17051.

It means:

17051 – SQL Server Evaluation period has expired

Therefore to make it working again Upgrade the license to paid versions like "Standard" or "Enterprise" or to a free edition - "Developer"

This can be done via SQL Server Installation Center:

enter image description here


I had a custom database in the file I was using. I deleted it and remade it, and everything works normally now

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