I am new with Android UI and I am looking for some resources about best practices to design a UI (examples of UI elements, tutorials, etc.)

I've been looking in Google or http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials but there is nothing helpful at all.

Can anyone provide me some resources/links ?


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There is actually a nice web which explains the most usable UI Design patters used by many apps already: http://www.androidpatterns.com/


If you have no experience with Android UI but you know a little Java already, maybe this is something for you:

SimpleUi ( https://github.com/bitstars/SimpleUi )

The generated UI (code below):

enter image description here

The complete code to create this Android UI:

enter image description here

I use it in real applications, not only for fast prototyping or dialogs and its well tested over the years. The concept is based on the model view control principle and for most common scenarios there are ready to use components which automatically look correct on any device. I don't say it should be used for any UI (e.g. listviews should be done by hand) but for most usecases this should be quite handy ;) Oh and feel free to fork it and improve it further if you want


UI Patterns, shown on the Twitter app, but they're common on Android in general:



Depending which pattern you want to implement, there are open source projects/samples out there, i.e. for the Quick Contact Bar, etc.


Check anddev.. normally there are nice examples of UI elements. Also some nice tutorials at mobiforge 1 and 2.

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