I create an angular library "mylib"

I create a service which uses BehaviorSubject Observable from rxjs.

For example

  currentLanguage = new BehaviorSubject<string>(null);

I have a component in mylib, which will set the language on change event on a select input.


After building "mylib" and use in myapp... I can subscribe to myService from myapp.

If I change the value on the select input, I can see the event, yet, there is no next value sent to the BehaviorSubject and no error in the console. So I can't emit value change from the component of mylib.

Yet... if from myapp I emit a next value.. it work...

So my question is why from a component of a custom angular library it's not possible to to use "next" yet it is from the component which use the library... and it's possible from any component of the app which import the library service ?

Maybe it can be related to the @NgModule in mylib.module.ts, it's possible that I have to import rxjs in imports Array ? I try to

 imports: [CommonModule, FormsModule, BehaviorSubject]

make error

an idea ? :)




The problem might be the lib and the app are using two instances of the service.

Make sure you have "providedIn: 'root'" specified on your service.
For example:

  providedIn: 'root',
export class myService {

Also make sure the service is imported using the library name from the 'dist' directory, not using a relative path.

For example:

import { myService } from 'myLib';
  • Yes @Injectable({ providedIn: 'root'}) is specified – Mike5 Mar 22 at 14:02
  • 1
    How are you importing your service from the library in the app? Import it using the library name from the 'dist' directory, not using a relative path. Can you reproduce this in StackBlitz? – T Esh Mar 22 at 14:32
  • Thank's T Esh ! Was the path to the service lib... The one suggested in myapp was the wrong one ! Thank's a lot – Mike5 Mar 22 at 14:54
  • please edit your answer to make it look more like an answer. ATM it looks like a comment, but since it helped the OP you want to formalize it a bit better – Jean-François Fabre Mar 22 at 17:27
  • Edited my answer appropriately. – T Esh Apr 1 at 19:05

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