use case is this?

What is the best way to go thru many 100+ photos to select which one's I want to develop in Lightroom, WHEN I have also captured JPEG's [ which are faster to view and go thru ]

I was hoping for a solution like this... I go thru the JPEG folder, and delete all the files that didn't turn out great or I don't want to move forward with... [ THEN ] a script maybe takes in all the filenames and [ LOOKS ] into the /RAW folder and duplicates a folder of the same file names with the .AWR extension for me..

essentially saving me the time it takes to view all photos in RAW and has them ready to be edited.

Is this even feasible? or am I overthinking or is there a faster way or should i just take he time to go thru all files inside Lightroom?

MY ACDSee 19 PC app won't let me see the .AWR files, so jumping into Lightroom is the only way I know, which is time-consuming sadly.

thanks everyone for your time and energy in helping me find the best solution / best practices #alwaysBeLearning

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