I launch the spoon.sh and there is a button Marketplace on Pentaho`s Welcome screen. It seems to be easily pushed, but nothing happens after pushing!

Picture of the unworking button on Welcome screen

Picture of the unworking button on Welcome screen

Ways I tried to do to fix the problem which doesn`t work:

1) Run spoon.sh from sudo

2) Add extra values in .cfg file according https://community.hitachivantara.com/thread/12973-marketplace-have-problems

What else can I do to open Marketplace? It seems like a problem with dropdown windows, but also can be some another.

P.s. this happens while launching. Is it affects?

swt is not responding

swt is not responding


I'll translate an answer on StackOverflow Pt-Br (my own answer as well). For me the solution that worked. Close your PDI, go to your PDI installation folder: ...\data-integration\system\karaf\caches\spoon\

There can be folders named data-1, data-2 .. enter in each one and delete all the content, JUST the content, not the entire folder.

Execute your Spoon.sh

When i was answering that time i found some other alternatives, but that was for version 7.0, in any case, the solution was that some versions of JDK/JRE (JAVA) were incompatible. I use JRE1.8.0_181 and JDK1.8.0_131.

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    There was really problem with incorrect Java version! – mrJack Mar 25 at 14:04

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