"react": "16.8.4"

Hello, someone knows how to check if there exists children in a (functional) component (before render them)


wont work

the children is $$typeof: Symbol(react.element)

the code example is

function ContextMenuItems(): JSX.Element | null {
   if (no-items) return null;  

class ContextMenu extends React.Component {
   public render(): JSX.Element | null {
      if (this.props.children === null) { //ContextMenuItems empty check
        return null;
       return <ContextMenu>{this.props.children}</ContextMenu>

For any help, idea thankful


you can check if the component has children by reading the children prop, along with the React.Children.count the code would be:

function ContextMenuItems({ children }): JSX.Element | null {
   if (!React.Children.count(children)) return null;
  • The check is in the ContextMenu, before creating the ContextMenu The check is on props.children React.Children.count wont work for this – user11243583 Mar 25 at 11:13

We did a hack with an hook :(

If you are interested and for a better understanding, please take a look at it.

Maybe someone knows how to optimize it, now it's a pre-rendering


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