I have 100 samples with 16 features each, and I want to plot the SVM results, but from what I understand that the below code, takes only two columns from X, (two features), is there a way to have the SVM results with all features in one plot?

hgscatter = gscatter(X(:,1),X(:,2), Y);
hold on;
h_sv = plot(svmModel.SupportVectors(:,1), svmModel.SupportVectors(:,2) , 'ko', 'markersize', 8);
% X : features, Y : lables

Visualizing high dimensional spaces is more of an art than a science. You might try clustergram or similar plots (green could be a high value in each feature and red a low value). Dimensionality reduction (e.g., supervised PCA, tSNE, etc. might be other options).

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