I have an application which stores key values in Redis, the key is an 8 bytes Long and the value is a list of Integers. my challenge is to finding a way to expire old values for a given key. the worst thing I can do is to add a timestamp to every value and evict them in the client side. Is there a clean way to do this at server side or use another solution instead of Redis?


we can do this by lua.

get items:

local currenttime=redis.call('time')[1]
local indexes = redis.call("smembers", KEYS[1])
local values=''
for k,v in pairs(indexes) do
    local value, unixtime=string.match(v, "(.*)%:(.*)")
    if(tonumber(unixtime)+60>tonumber(currenttime)) then
return values

add items:

local time=redis.call('time')
local r=redis.call("sadd", KEYS[1],KEYS[2]..":"..time[1])
return r
  • IIRC TIME does not work in cluster mode since it won't return the same value for both the master and slave machines. It is better for you to pass in a timestamp as an argument to the script.
    – TheDude
    Mar 26 '19 at 2:52

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