This is my very first C++ application. I have absolutely no experience in C++ or Windows application programming so any feedback/help is appreciated. Please let me know if I am making any mistakes or not following best practices in my code.

I am trying to write a C++ program that replicates the behaviour of the WIN + D keyboard shortcut, but only affects the windows on the monitor with the mouse.

Inspite of checking IsWindowVisible() and IsIconic() there are some system windows that get minimized and maximized, resulting in weird glitches like:

  • All icons from the desktop get minimized, and a gray bar appears
  • A blank instance of Microsoft Edge opens
  • The Windows Settings app appears out of nowhere

The code to minimize the windows:

static std::stack<HWND> minimizedWindowPointers;
Monitors monitors;
RECT activeMonitorRect;

static BOOL CALLBACK windowEnumerator(HWND w, LPARAM l){
    if(!IsWindowVisible(w) || IsIconic(w) || getWindowTitle(w).size() == 0) return true;

    RECT r;
    GetWindowRect(w, &r);
    if(doRectsIntersect(r, activeMonitorRect)){
        SendMessage(w, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_MINIMIZE, 0);

    return true;
void minimizeWindowsOnActiveMoniter(){
    if(monitors.getRectOfMonitorWithPointer(&activeMonitorRect)) return;

    EnumDesktopWindows(NULL, windowEnumerator, NULL);

    areWindowsMinimized = true;
void maximizeWindowsOnActiveMoniter(){
    HWND w;
    for(int i = minimizedWindowPointers.size(); i > 0; i--){
        w = minimizedWindowPointers.top();
            SendMessage(w, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_RESTORE, 0);
            std::wcout << "MAXIMIZING: " << getWindowTitle(w) << std::endl;

    areWindowsMinimized = false;

I am running Windows 10 Pro, with Visual Studio 19 Preview.


GetWindowLong can get the window flags with GWL_STYLE. Check for WS_CAPTION and WS_MINIMIZEBOX. I would also check for WS_VISIBLE again for good measure.

  • Thank You for your answer, but according to the documentation: This function has been superseded by the GetWindowLongPtr function. – Kartik Soneji Mar 23 at 8:47
  • 1
    @KartikSoneji: "If you are retrieving a pointer or a handle", which we are not. – Joshua Mar 23 at 14:45
  • Thank You! That fixed the problem. This is the first time programming in C++, and I have absolutely no idea of what the sentence "If you are retrieving a pointer or a handle" means. – Kartik Soneji Mar 24 at 10:02

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