I signed/encrypted a message in buffer with RSA_sign().

When I decrypt the buffer with RSA_public_decrypt(), the returned value is a digest (X509_SIG) and is not the decrypted message.

I want to get the message from the digest. In older OpenSSL releases I would call

// covert raw signature buffer into a digest
X509_SIG sig = d2i_X509_SIG(NULL, signature, signature_size); 
// display every byte in the message
// Unfortunately, I'm accessing X509_SIG fields.
for (i = 0; i < sig->digest->length; i++) {
    printf("byte #%d is %.2x\n", sig->digest->data[i]); 

But OpenSSL made changes and I no longer have access to the fields of X509_SIG.

How do I get the decrypted message?

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  • (1) d2i_X509_SIG returns X509_SIG * (pointer) not X509_SIG (which as you say is opaque in OpenSSL 1.1.0+). (2) you can recover the digest from a PKCS1v1.5 signature, if that's what you have; you can't ever recover the message from the digest; that's the whole purpose of a crypto hash/digest -- but normally you are given the message with its signature (3) if you want the digest from a v1.5 sig without breaking opacity in 1.1.0+, which isn't hard, either do real DER parsing, or strip the fixed prefix(es) described in rfc8017 9.2 et pred, or just take the last digestsize bytes. – dave_thompson_085 Mar 23 at 11:43

This works for OpenSSL v1.1.1 using @dave_thompson_085's suggestion about the last digestsize bytes.

If the call to RSA_public_decrypt looks like

decrypt_size = RSA_public_decrypt(encrypted_len, encrypted_buf, to, rsa, padding);


const EVP_MD *md = EVP_sha1();
unsigned int length= EVP_MD_size(md);
// skip over digest header to get to data
unsigned char *data = to + decrypt_size - length;
for (i = 0; i < length; i++) {
    printf("byte #%d is %.2x\n", data[i]); 

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