I've got a problem in my Unity game where a bright flash will appear above an entity for a single frame. I can't tie to an object, so I'm thinking it's something in the post-process, so I opened up the unity Frame Debugger. The only problem is, every time I try to use the frame debugger, the game won't pause properly. Clicking the mouse anywhere, and sometimes even just moving the cursor, causes the frame in the game to advance by at least one, so the artifact disappears before I can even attempt to debug it.

Could this be some weird combination of project settings? I am using deferred rendering, if that matters. Nothing unusual in my Time settings though.

Is anyone else able to replicate the problem?

  • I managed to fix the issue (it was a rendering bug for an object with a zeroed scale axis) via unrelated debugging, but I would still like to find an answer to this... – Louis Ingenthron Mar 23 at 22:38

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