I'm trying to parse XML which is in memory (not in file). How can get value of <id>.

<forest-counts xsi:schemaLocation="http://marklogic.com/manage/forests manage-forests.xsd" xmlns="http://marklogic.com/manage/forests" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

I can't use BS due to some restrictions. Any other solutions will be appreciated.

For MarkLogic experts:
I'm trying to get forest-id programmatically. If there any other solution then it would be fine.

  • This is interesting. Sooo, if I might ask, what differentiates the process of using regex against something in memory vs. in a file? Trying to avoid giving you a useless answer. – FailSafe Mar 24 at 0:43

I haven't done a whole lot of XML parsing in Python recently, but if the only thing you want is the forest ID, you can get that from the REST Management API in JSON.

curl -s --anyauth -u admin:admin "http://localhost:8002/manage/v2/forests?format=json"

This is one of the few examples where it's a bit frustrating that the ID is not returned in the resource properties. But it's in the JSON structure returned from the list endpoint.

Here's a jq query that would find the forest ID of the testdb1 forest:

jq ".\"forest-default-list\".\"list-items\".\"list-item\"[] | select(.nameref==\"testdb1\") | .idref"

Note that the representation of the forest ID is a string in JSON even though it's a number. This avoids numeric overflow issues for very large random ID values.

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