I have this in my C library:

    @clang -I . -dynamiclib \
        -undefined dynamic_lookup \
        -o myc.dylib myc.c
.PHONY: myc

And this in my assembly library:

  @nasm -f macho64 myasm.asm
  @clang -o myasm myasm.o myc.dylib
  # @ld -macosx_version_min 10.13.0 \
  #   -lSystem -o myasm \
  #   myasm.o
.PHONY: buildasm

I would like to then have a third either assembly or C project which loads the assembly library. But I can't get this C -> assembly working. I also don't have dyld the "dynamic loader" on Mac installed, so if possible I would prefer not to install any special tools, but if required I would like to know how to do the linking with the tool.

If I make the buildasm into this:

  @nasm -f macho64 myasm.asm
  @ld -macosx_version_min 10.13.0 \
    -lSystem -o myasm \
    myasm.o myc.dylib
.PHONY: buildasm

it compiles without any errors, but when it runs with ./myasm it gives:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "my_c_function", referenced from:
      start in myasm.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for inferred architecture x86_64

If I do this basically in asm:

extern my_c_function

  call my_c_function

And something like this in C:

extern void my_c_function() {


Wondering what would make this work.

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    Dynamic libraries are not embedded in the binary they need to be found and loaded at runtime. For that certain search paths apply and current directory is not one of them. Not sure about macos, but google says you could do DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./myasm. You almost certainly have dyld installed as that is required for any programs using dynamic libraries. See also man dyld. – Jester Mar 23 at 23:19
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    Don't you mean extern _my_c_function call _my_c_function since the C functions will be decorated with a leading underscore when using macho objects? – Michael Petch Mar 24 at 0:20

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