When trying to run an AVD from the emulator, using PowerShell:

PS C:\android\sdk\emulator> emulator @Pixel_2_64

I get the following error, even though the emulator exists:

emulator: ERROR: No AVD specified. Use '@foo' or '-avd foo' to launch a virtual device named 'foo'

Any ideas? Works fine in CMD.


Found the solution for launching an AVD called "Pixel_2_64" in this case, in PowerShell:

Use either:

emulator -avd Pixel_2_64


emulator "@Pixel_2_64"

Have to use the quotation marks or use the avd flag.

Thanks to @mklement0 for providing the explanation of...

@ is used for argument splatting in PowerShell, hence the need for quoting; alternatively, you could have `-escaped the @ (emulator `@Pixel_2_64)

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