I want to automate the deployment process of the Drupal website. But before running it on the real server I wanted to test it locally. I'm new to docker, Jenkins, and Drupal. The whole process is when a teammate makes a pull request on Github and If it is approved, the latest code should be deployed into the Drupal server automatically.

This is what I have researched and done so far. I found out that I can use Jenkins for this. I prepared command to deploy Drupal website on the server and I know I will need drupal compose, drush and cleaning cache commands. I have installed docker in windows 10 OS. Created Jenkins container, installed nginx, and used GitHub hooks to get a callback in Jenkins when a commit is made in test repository. Jenkins test was successful, but that container does not have Drupal. At first, I tried to find the docker Image that has Jenkins and Drupal both but was unable to find anything. Then I found somewhere in StackOverflow that docker allows us to containerize different part of the application and we can communicate between them. So, I ran two separate containers with official docker image of Jenkins and Drupal. I also researched on the web about how the docker container talks with each other. But can't come up with any solution to this problem. I don't even sure that my approach to this problem is right or wrong because I'm new to all this. I found this article(link) somewhat relevant to my problem. But in the article, Jenkins is installed locally not in docker.

Can I create this pipeline in docker? If my approach is right, Can anyone help in how to create an environment in docker with Jenkins, Nginx, Drupal, and Drush or provide some resources? and If my approach is flawed can anyone helps me providing some solutions or resources for deploying Drupal website using Jenkins in Docker?

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