Quick question:

-1.9.floor gives you -1, while "-1.9".floor gives you -2. Is it supposed to be so? Seems a bit inconsistent to me.

> say -1.9.floor
> say "-1.9".floor

Documentation says "rounds it downwards to the nearest integer". Should both be -2?



Seems to be some operator precedence. Make the number a variable and use floor on the variable it looks ok.

my $i = -1.9;
say $i.floor; #-2 

I your example it makes: .9.floor ==> 0 and then -1.0 ==> -1

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    Thanks Valle Lukas !!!, (-1.9).floor gives you -2. Thanks. Looks like -1.9.floor is actually -(1.9.floor) and the negative sign has lower precedence than the dot. Thanks! – lisprogtor Mar 24 at 19:34

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