I am using the jQuery tree from here https://github.com/pioz/jquery-tree#readme

The problem is rendering of the tree when I do a cookie save. When it comes time to re-render it, the code doesnt work correctly if I dont follow a specific way of putting the ordered lists.

I guess best is to take a look at this demo code I put up.


  1. The entire tree is open
  2. Click on Level 3 arrow to expand (for both trees)
  3. Do a refresh

Now, the first tree renders correctly again with cookies showing what was open previously but the 2nd tree doesnt. I think it's because on the 2nd one, I put the one without sublevels on top of the one with sublevels (the one called THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE).

Is there a way to adjust the code in so it can render view correctly using cookies no matter what order I have in any of the sublevels?

// Require jQuery
// Use jQuery.cookie if you want to restore the previous expansion of the tree

jQuery.fn.tree = function(options) {

  // Setup default options
  /** Avaiable options are:
   *  - open_char: defeault character to display on open node in tree
   *  - close_char: defeault character to display on close node in tree
   *  - default_expanded_paths_string: if no cookie found the tree will be expand with this paths string
  if(options === undefined || options === null)
    options = {};
  var open_char = options.open_char;
  var close_char = options.close_char;
  var default_expanded_paths_string = options.default_expanded_paths_string;
  if(open_char === undefined || open_char === null)
    open_char = '▼';
  if(close_char === undefined || close_char === null)
    close_char = '►';
  if(default_expanded_paths_string === undefined || default_expanded_paths_string === null)
    default_expanded_paths_string = '0';

  // Get the expanded paths from the current state of tree
  jQuery.fn.save_paths = function() {
    var paths = [];
    var path = [];
    var open_nodes = jQuery(this).find('li span.open');
    var last_depth = null;
    for(var i = 0; i < open_nodes.length; i++) {
      var depth = jQuery(open_nodes[i]).parents('ul').length-1;
      if((last_depth == null && depth > 0) || (depth > last_depth && depth-last_depth > 1))
      var pos = jQuery(open_nodes[i]).parent().prevAll().length;
      if(last_depth == null) {
        path = [pos];
      } else if(depth < last_depth) {
        var diff = last_depth - depth;
        path.splice(path.length-diff-1, diff+1);
      } else if(depth == last_depth) {
        path.splice(path.length-1, 1);
      } else if(depth > last_depth) {
      last_depth = depth;
    try { jQuery.cookie(this.attr('class'), paths.join(',')); }
    catch(e) {}

  // This function expand the tree with 'path'
  jQuery.fn.restore_paths = function() {
    var paths_string = null;
    try { paths_string = jQuery.cookie(this.attr('class')); }
    catch(e) { paths_string = default_expanded_paths_string; }
    if(paths_string === null || paths_string === undefined)
      paths_string = default_expanded_paths_string;
    var paths = paths_string.split(',');
    for(var i = 0; i < paths.length; i++) {
      var obj = jQuery(this);
      var path = paths[i].split('/');
      for(var j = 0; j < path.length; j++) {
        obj = jQuery(obj.children('li').children('ul')[path[j]]);
        obj.parent().children('span').attr('class', 'open');

  for(var i = 0; i < this.length; i++) {
    if(this[i].tagName === 'UL') {
      // Make a tree
      jQuery(this[i]).find('li').has('ul').prepend('<span class="close" style="cursor:pointer;">' + close_char + '</span>');
      // Restore cookie expand path
      // Click event
      jQuery(this[i]).find('span').live('click', {tree : this[i]}, function(e) {
        if (jQuery(this).attr('class') == 'open') {
          jQuery(this).attr('class', 'close');
        } else if (jQuery(this).attr('class') == 'close') {
          jQuery(this).attr('class', 'open');
  • Instead of checking for a class by comparing the whole "class" attribute, you should probably use ".hasClass()". Otherwise, if you ever need to add another class to those elements, things won't work at all. – Pointy Apr 3 '11 at 22:32
  • Also, that jsbin page works fine, as far as I can tell. What's the broken part? – Pointy Apr 3 '11 at 22:38

The issue is in line 34 of jquery.tree.js (within jQuery.fn.save_paths()):

var pos = jQuery(open_nodes[i]).parent().prevAll().length;

open_nodes[i] is the open/close span, its parent is a li, and so with prevAll() it's counting the number of previous lis.

But further down in line 68 (within jQuery.fn.restore_paths()):

obj = jQuery(obj.children('li').children('ul')[path[j]]);

it's using the saved position from save_paths() to find the nth ul.

So in your case, after you expand the first (and only) ul, save_paths() remembers 1 (since there is 1 li before the ul), but when you reload the page, restore_paths() tried to expand the "second" ul (the first is 0, a second ul is 1).

Hmm, I don't think I'm explaining this very well...

Anyway, the solution is to change line 34 from this:

var pos = jQuery(open_nodes[i]).parent().prevAll().length;

to this:

var pos = jQuery(open_nodes[i]).parent().prevAll(':has(">ul")').length;

This will make sure it skips lis that don't have a nested ul when calculating the current ul's position.

I've submitted a pull request to pioz with this fix. In the meantime, you can use the fixed version from my fork: https://github.com/jefferyto/jquery-tree/raw/counting-fix/jquery.tree.js.

You can see it working here: http://jsbin.com/emaku4/28

Update: pioz has committed a (different) fix. You can download the working code at https://github.com/pioz/jquery-tree. Thanks pioz!


Look at this: http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Treeview/treeview

Set persist option for the cookie like this:

    persist: "cookie"

It is an easier way to render a tree view.

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