I am trying to show Google My Business posts of a company on their external site (the company has and GMB account). Tried manually with iframe but iframe shows nothing (I have used the share link of the post, wich is public).

I have created and enabled the API, got API key and client ID and secret. I have downloaded the PHP libray of gooogle business.

I am using the follow API https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/v4/{parent=accounts//locations/}/localPosts

In the istructions of google dev console the only parameter to set is "parent".

I need to know how to discover the name of the location, and where to insert it in the string.

Between asteriks or do I have to replace all the string "accounts//locations/"?

To call the API you have to use the GET command, but actually it uses gRPC syntax. Is there a way to use standard PHP syntax instead?

the API code I am trying to use is this on (not sure if it's PHP):

  public function listAccountsLocationsLocalPosts($parent, $optParams = array())

$params = array('parent' => $parent);
$params = array_merge($params, $optParams);
return $this->call('list', array($params), "Google_Service_MyBusiness_ListLocalPostsResponse");

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