we are trying to using protobuf with Akka and serialize all Akka messages via protobuf. For Scala, we have a library called ScalaPB which help us to generate the class, which includes methods like parseFrom, toByteArray etc for serializing or deserialize our data. But, while we try to run the program, getting below exception:

akka.actor.dungeon.SerializationCheckFailedException: Failed to serialize and deserialize message of type com.knoldus.akkaserialization.msg.example.Bang$ for testing. To avoid this error, either disable 'akka.actor.serialize-messages', mark the message with 'akka.actor.NoSerializationVerificationNeeded', or configure serialization to support this message

application.conf file contains below configuration:

akka {
    actor {
        allow-java-serialization = off
        serialize-messages = on
        serializers {
            proto = "akka.remote.serialization.ProtobufSerializer"

        serialization-bindings {
            "com.knoldus.akkaserialization.msg.example.Bang" = proto
            "com.knoldus.akkaserialization.msg.example.Message" = proto

These classes com.knoldus.akkaserialization.msg.example.Bang and com.knoldus.akkaserialization.msg.example.Message generates via ScalaPB and contains all require methods.

Source code of akka.remote.serialization.ProtobufSerializer define,

This Serializer serializes `akka.protobuf.Message` and `com.google.protobuf.Message` It is using reflection to find the `parseFrom` and `toByteArray` methods to avoid dependency to `com.google.protobuf`

So, we expecting, this automatically reads our case classes Bang and Message and perform serialization, but unfortunately getting serialization exception.

Could you help to figure out what exact problem with ScalaPB and ProtoBuff?


The serializer you are using was designed to work with Java protobufs, not with ScalaPB. You need to include your own serializer. Here is a one you can use:

package com.example.protoser

import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference

import akka.actor.ExtendedActorSystem
import akka.serialization.BaseSerializer
import scalapb.GeneratedMessageCompanion

class ScalaPbSerializer(val system: ExtendedActorSystem) extends BaseSerializer {
  private val classToCompanionMapRef = new AtomicReference[Map[Class[_], GeneratedMessageCompanion[_]]](Map.empty)

  override def toBinary(o: AnyRef): Array[Byte] = o match {
    case e: scalapb.GeneratedMessage => e.toByteArray
    case _ => throw new IllegalArgumentException("Need a subclass of scalapb.GeneratedMessage")

  override def includeManifest: Boolean = true

  override def fromBinary(bytes: Array[Byte], manifest: Option[Class[_]]): AnyRef = {
    manifest match {
      case Some(clazz) =>
        def messageCompanion(companion: GeneratedMessageCompanion[_] = null): GeneratedMessageCompanion[_] = {
          val classToCompanion = classToCompanionMapRef.get()
          classToCompanion.get(clazz) match {
            case Some(cachedCompanion) => cachedCompanion
            case None =>
              val uncachedCompanion =
                if (companion eq null) Class.forName(clazz.getName + "$", true, clazz.getClassLoader)
                else companion
              if (classToCompanionMapRef.compareAndSet(classToCompanion, classToCompanion.updated(clazz, uncachedCompanion)))
      case _ => throw new IllegalArgumentException("Need a ScalaPB companion class to be able to deserialize.")

The configuration should be something like this:

akka {
  actor {
    serializers {
      scalapb = "com.example.protoser.ScalaPbSerializer"

    serialization-bindings {
      "scalapb.GeneratedMessage" = scalapb

    serialization-identifiers {
      "com.example.protoser.ScalaPbSerializer" = 10000

The above was adapter from old code, so edits and suggestions are welcome!

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