I have a spring-boot app A which calls another service B in a different thread.

MyHeaderFilter gets called before service B is called.

As ClientRequestFilter gets invoked in different thread it does not aware of the spring bean .

How to access SomeBean without changing SpecialLogger

public class MyHeaderFilter implements ClientRequestFilter
    private SomeBean someBean;

    public void filter(ClientRequestContext requestContext) throws 
    IOException {

        someBean.someMethod(); // Here I get BeanCreationException

public class SpecialLogger
   private ExecutorService executorService;

   public void logPayload(String data){
       Future<Void> rt = executorService.submit( 
          /* Here it calls another service B */

I need to access SomeBean in MyHeaderFilter without changing SpecialLogger

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    When asking about an exception, always post the exact and complete stack trace of the exception. – JB Nizet Mar 25 at 13:02
  • Your code an explanation doesn't seem to quite add up for me. What does SomeBean have to do with SpecialLogger and service B and why is it a problem? – Paul Samsotha Mar 26 at 5:13

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