There is MDCSnackbarMessage from MaterialComponents to be displayed in the application and XCUITest verifying its presence on the screen. But I cannot find out how to make the message accessible. Can anyone help me to make it accessible for XCUITest?

The message is presented by message bar (MDCSnackbarMessageView) as UILabel having "Button Trait On". I have tried to make them accessible for which I had to set isElementAccessible parameter to true in "willPresentSnackbar (with messageView: MDCSnackbarMessageView?)" method from MDCSnackbarManagerDelegate protocol, because setting it directly on MDCSnackbarMessage is not working (the property is not used at the end during the label creation, it is even to copying over during inner copy creation eventually). But when I run recording, then I get "Timestamped Event Matching Error: Failed to find matching element". When I check View Hierarchy, then I see that both view and label have "Is Accessibility Element" and also a value for Description and Identifier.

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