I have 33 variables spanning the years 1 to 10. So fx r_1bmi, r_2bmi, r_3bmi,..., r_10bmi (I got 32 more like that)

This is a sample of my data where you see the general structure. One row represents one individual. Here you see debt and a dummy for less than highschool( I had to make 9 more of these so that the column number was the same for each variable (10) because R didn't like that I only had one column even though this dummy doesn't change over the ten years).

enter image description here

All my r_1(name)-r_10(name) variables are going from 1-330 ( 33 variables * 10 = 330) and then one ID variable called "idhhpn", so 331 in total.

I want to reshape this into long format while adding a time variable

but I met some complications using my code shown here:

(df = HRS)

HRS_long <- reshape(as.data.frame(HRS), varying = c(1:330), direction = "long",
                    timevar = "time", idvar = "idhhpn", sep = "_")

which returns this output

enter image description here

Which is entirely wrong. First of all the time variable should go from 1 to 10 but it seems like it just took the first variable in my dataset (r_1srhlt). My variable r_1srhlt also goes from r_1srhlt and all the way up to r_10srhlt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Can someone tell me what I have done wrong? Also the time variable "time" is not one I have in my wide panel dataset but I thought this reshape command would just make a time variable for me.

1) I wish to use reshape since I feel like this is the simplest command for me to understand.

2) Is there something wrong with my seperators "_" maybe?

Thank you so much in advance.

  • If you use the melt, what would be the result you are geting – akrun Mar 25 at 16:45
  • Can you try library(data.table);melt(setDT(HRS), measure = patterns("debt", "lths"), value.name = c("debt", "lths"), variable.name = "time") – akrun Mar 25 at 16:48
  • 1
    Please do not post an image of data: it cannot be copied or searched (SEO), it breaks screen-readers, and it may not fit well on some mobile devices. Ref: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/285557/3358272 (and xkcd.com/2116) – r2evans Mar 25 at 16:48
  • to continue @r2evans - and we can't try and run our code on your sample ourselves to test it before we post it here. – iod Mar 25 at 16:53
  • I don't understand why lths needed more than one column. Yes, it will get duplicated across the rows once you reshape them into long format, but there's really no reason to create all these extra columns. – iod Mar 25 at 16:54

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