An undocumented error reproducibly occured when fetching the LinkedIn API request


repeatedly with a list of 50 Share/UGC URNs using a Client Credential token. The message contained:

Response status 500
com.linkedin.parseq.MultiException: Multiple errors in 'ParTask' task. (multiple causes follow; only first is shown in stack trace): 
[com.linkedin.crema.api.exception.QuotaExceededException: Espresso read quota exceeded, custom finder query failed for key [urn:li:comment:(ugcPost:6473223167249772544,6473290484495187968)] and query (reactionType:LIKE)

When receiving this error no endpoint or member is shown as throttled in the "Usage & limit" tab of the App. The socialActions endpoint has an "App usage" of 1%.

What is this espresso read quota about? How is it specified? Does using a user token help?

I couldn't find any specification, neither when searching the web nor in LinkedIn API Documentation: Error Handling.

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