I am creating a login system with react-native, after downloading the "react-native-gesture-handler" dependencies: "^ 1.1.0" and "react-navigation": "^ 3.5.1" began to appear the following message error:

null is not an object (evaluating 'rngesturehandlermodule.direction')

I tried to delete the project and reface it, delete and reinstall the node_modules folder and reinstall the dependencies, but nothing worked.

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I had the same issue. I then installed react-navigation & react-native-gesture-handler step by step as follows:

Steps :

  1. Remove node_modules and package-lock.json

  2. npm install

  3. npm install --save react-navigation

  4. npm install --save react-native-gesture-handler

  5. react-native link

You can find the original answer here

  1. Stop the metro bundler with Ctrl+C from terminal.
  2. Run again metro bundler: npx react-native start
  3. Run again the build command npx react-native run-android

Building process maybe take a few minutes.


cd into the ios subdirectory of your project and run pod install.


I was facing this on Android.

All I did is:

  1. cd android
  2. gradlew clean
  3. closed metro bundler
  4. react-native run-android

solved my issue


I had this issue, and just restarted the Metro Bundler and iOS emulator. It seemed to work when I restarted them.


For android,

1--> cd android/

2--> ./gradlew clean

3--> cd ../

4--> Run your project now

I don't know is this an exact answer? But it works for me.


I had got the same error on ios from react-native v0.59.9. The following solution works for me. 🔥

  1. npm i react-native-gesture-handler
  2. react-native link react-native-gesture-handler
  3. cd ios && pod install && cd ..
  4. react-native run-ios

👉tip: react-native support autolinking from v0.60.0


I had this problem, I solved it using npm instead of yarn.


You need to re-run your application every time you install a new dependency via npm. close app then run npx react-native run-android


All I did was :

  1. restart metro server: ctrl+c then yarn start
  2. react-native run-android // basically reinstalling the project after installing react-navigation

I have same error but it solve by create file separate file for Navigation File with name "MainNavigator.js"

import { createStackNavigator, createAppContainer } from 'react-navigation'; 
import HomeScreen from '../screen/Home';
import DetailsScreen from '../screen/Details';

    const RootStack = createStackNavigator({
        Home: HomeScreen,
        Details: DetailsScreen,
    }, {
        initialRouteName: 'Home',

const AppContainer = createAppContainer(RootStack);

export default AppContainer;

And Use it in App.js file with following code

import React from 'react';
import RootNavigator from './js/navigation/MainNavigator';
class App extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return <RootNavigator />
export default App;

Please first run this command in terminal :

npm uninstall react-native-gesture-handler --save 

Second :

npm install react-native-gesture-handler --save

Third :

react-native link react-native-gesture-handler

Forth :

npm start

Finally, this is work.

  • after link liked you said, i got another error: requireNativeComponent:"RNCSafeAreaView" was not found in the UIManager – Alone Nascimento Feb 12 '20 at 11:35
  • 1
    Now you do this works => 1:npm nuinstall react-native-safe-area-context --save , 2: npm install react-native-safe-area-context --save , 3: react-native link react-native-safe-area-context , 4: npm start. :)) – Mostafa Hassani Feb 12 '20 at 12:09

if you are using android try this solution : go to : /android/settings.gradle there was string: project(':react-native-gesture-handler').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '..\node_modules\react-native-gesture-handler\android')

tro to change it with : project(':react-native-gesture-handler').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '..\node_modules\react-native-gesture-handler\android') source : #494 (comment)

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