Update 2: As @Valle Lukas pointed out, Looks like this is due to a leak being addressed.

Update 1:

Ok I got around to trying this again and have a much simpler bit of code that demonstrates the issue I'm having:

my $channel=Channel.new;    #create a new channel
$channel.send(0);           #kickstart the circular pipeline
react {
    whenever $channel {
        say $_;
        $channel.send($_ + 1); #send back to same pipeline
        #sit back and watch the memory usage grow

Basically I create a single stage pipeline via a Channel, send a single message to it, then setup react/whenever blocks to process the message (add 1) and send it back to the same channel again. The pipeline once started never stops.

The growth in memory usage ( I get to about 600MB and climbing in about 10 seconds), isn't due to message buffering, there is only ever one message in the cue.

Is this simply a bug or how can I address the memory usage of a channel?

  • Have you tried looking at a profile of your code (perl6 --profile) and see if that gives any indication as to why the memory usage? – Elizabeth Mattijsen Mar 26 at 11:23
  • I have, but I don't know what to make of it really. The top three allocations are 'BOOTCode', 'Block' and then 'Scalar'. 'BOOTCode' is about 3 times larger than the next largest. – drclaw Mar 26 at 11:43
  • In a slightly different version where I used @array >>+>> 1 to monitor the changes in the data through the pipeline, I had a bunch of Num allocations showing in the profiler. That makes sense I guess. – drclaw Mar 26 at 11:46

Seems to be addressed by Jonathan Worthington commit




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