Is it possible to add a minimum version to a module listed in the depend section of a META6.json file?


To declare a dependency on Foo of version 1 or higher one would do the same as if one was asking zef to install Foo:ver<1.0+>:

zef install "Foo:ver<1.0+>"
"depends" : [

Long form identities use version literals for api and ver attributes, and strings for any other (such as auth, file, name, etc). So to describe such a dependency you should write it the same way you would if you were useing it using the literal form :foo<...> ala use Test:ver<6.d+>. This is opposed to :foo(...) form which can run anything, e.g. use Test:ver(do { say 42; v6.d+ }), which would allow arbitrary code execution by just searching for dependencies and thus is not a valid way to describe something in a META6.json


It uses the same syntax as the Version class. You can use, for instance, v1.0+, or, in META6.json, simply "1.0+"

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    How would I append the version to the module name: ..., "depends" : [ "Required::Modul:ver<1.0+>" ], ... ? – sid_com Mar 26 at 13:43
  • @sid_com that's correct. See also ugexe's answer above. – jjmerelo Mar 26 at 16:37

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